ISR Barcelona

Why is it mandatory to register in the City Council (empadronamiento)?

It is a Spanish legal requirement to officially register your residence with the City Council.


On the one hand, you will appear as resident of Barcelona in the Spanish Government’s records, and on the other, it is essential to obtain your residence permit. Government authorities must have proof of your place of residence in the city to issue your NIE (resident visa).


You must first have a place of residence in the city (students halls of residence, individual flat or shared flat) and you’ll need a document from the owner of the place stating you are going to live there. Next, you must get an appointment at one of the civil services offices (OAC – Oficina de Atención al Ciudadano). You can attend anyone, regardless of your neighbourhood of residence. On the day of the appointment you will be issued the registration document.


ISR can do this procedure for you. With a signed authorization, we can go to an OAC on your behalf and then provide you with the final document. In some cases, Spanish Embassies abroad request an address in Spain to issue your student visa that allows you to travel to Barcelona. ISR can provide you with a temporary address to be changed to your new address when arriving in Spain (ISR also takes care of it),


Our goal is to make things easier for you on your arrival!