ISR Barcelona

I’m an international student, what else may I need?

In addition to all the necessary procedures that you must carry out for your stay in Barcelona and which we have talked about in other posts, there are many small, time consuming details international students need to manage to settle in properly. Do you need to hire Wi-Fi for your apartment and do not know which is the best supplier? In ISR we can recommend the best option for you and help you to hire so that it is as fast as possible. We have done it with other students and we already know the needs. Do you need some accessories for your apartment, such as sheets, extra bed, kitchen utensils …? You won’t have too much time to search. We direct you to the most appropriate stores. And the food? You can decide to have meals in restaurants the first few days, which can be an important extra expense. In ISR we send you recommendations about cheap restaurants and close to your home to start. We can also inform you of the nearby supermarkets if you decide you want to eat at home from the very first day! Don’t you know which public transport card best suits your needs? Ask us and we will recommend the most practical and economical option for you.


Another procedure that is much more complex but also highly demanded by international students is, what should I do if I want to stay in Spain for a few more months because my studies last longer than expected or I just want to take a vacation? In most cases you will have to renew your NIE / TIE and the process is usually complex and lengthy. In ISR we collaborate with an expert immigration lawyer who helps us in the renewal of NIEs. Therefore, it is a service that is paid separately since it requires extra documentation, different procedures and appointments with police offices that are usually complicated. We will discuss this topic in another post.


There are many other practical aspects that arise when you settle in a new country. You can ask us and at ISR we will help you!