ISR Barcelona

International students and Covid

At ISR we are restarting  after almost a year of pause due to the pandemic. During this time we have kept activity to a minimum since international student movements have been drastically reduced.

Let’s see how the situation is in Barcelona for the next academic year!

As you should already know, you can travel to Spain from European countries. As regards non EU countries, there are some countries which won’t allow their citizens to travel to Spain. Please, check with authorities. You can be required for a negative PCR test to enter Spain. Spanish Schools and Universities are fully adapted to the situation and meet the requirements of the Ministry of Health. We recommend that you check with the School all learning conditions before enrollement. In some cases, they do blended learning (online – in place) but they are constantly adapting to the authorities announcements. Anyway, the forecasts point to an improvement in the situation thanks to the vaccine.

Regarding the procedures for legal residence, they are still the same as previous years. The same documentation is required and, as always, getting an appointment at the police station is quite difficult. The immigration services collapsed for some weeks  and it was almost imposible to get appointments. In recent weeks, the situation has improved slightly and at ISR we are offering this service again.

As regards accommodation, the market has changed considerably in the last year. Given the significant decline in international tourism, a large part of the apartments that were offered seasonally went to the residential and long-term market. So now it is more difficult to find good seasonal rentals and the most available ones tend to fill up quite quickly. There is less offer, both from agencies and owners.

You must pay special attention to health insurance. Having medical insurance that covers all emergency situations was already an essential requirement for non-EU students. Now it is also required for EU members. Public health services are extremely busy  right now and you must hire a medical insurance that covers any type of illness.

Leisure has also been hit hard by the restrictions of the pandemic. At this moment there is a state of alarm in effect from 10 pm and restaurants  close at 5 pm. The forecasts are to return to a certain normality within a couple of months, but everything will depend on the public health evolution.

At ISR we are already up and running again!