ISR Barcelona

Looking for accommodation in Barcelona: practical tips

If you are an international student, you already know what school or university you are going to attend and you are informed about the starting date, ​​Plan ahead! This would be the best advice when you think about accommodation in Barcelona. In recent years, leisure tourism, business tourism and the arrival of international students have increased dramatically. There has also been an increase in supply, but even so, prices remain high and finding the perfect place to live is often difficult. The recommendation is to start with the search from your country of origin, if possible, have a Spanish native to help you when choosing. If you are looking for Student Residence Halls, it will be hard to find places unless you book 3-4 months in advance. If you want your own apartment or a shared room you can make the reservation from your country (better if someone can verify that the information on the website is updated) or another option would be to stay in a hostel (a hotel if you have more budget) the first week and spend some time to look for accommodation. Beware of fraud: agencies that advertise flats that are already rented; agencies that charge the deposit to more than one person and the first who arrives gets the apartment; agencies that show pictures of apartments which do not correspond to reality …  Living in Barcelona can be a very exciting experience, ​​but you must be proactive and start looking as soon as possible!