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Why do I need health insurance to study in Spain?

The answer is different when referring to UE residents and non-UE residents. In the case of UE students, they do not need it to legally reside in Spain, but ISR recommends that they hire one. UE residents can attend Government offices in their country of origin and obtain the European Healthcare Card free of charge. Having this card, allows them to use Spanish public healthcare system, but the coverage is quite limited and only in cases of serious medical emergencies is it easy to use. For this reason, ISR recommends having a private insurance.

In the case of non-EU residents, it is mandatory to have private insurance with a minimum coverage of € 100,000 and with some services included (repatriation, hospitalization…). There are two modalities that cover these assumptions: travel insurance, recommended if you stay for a year or less in Barcelona, ​​and traditional health insurance, if you stay for more than a year and if you must renew your residence visa. In case of renewal, only medical insurance with a coverage of € 300,000 is accepted. Non-EU students will need medical insurance already in their home country. The Spanish Embassies won’t issue the visa if you aren’t a holder of a private health insurance that meets all the requirements specified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For this reason, ISR recommends hiring the travel insurance or health insurance in a Spanish company. In ISR we can carry on all the procedures quickly, easily and safely from your home country!


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