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We believe it is essential to find the accommodation that suits you best

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We help you find your
Barcelona home!

Finding a place to stay that you like is essential. We provide a complete guide of all the neighborhoods in Barcelona, help you on the search, and re-evaluate the options that best fit your needs as well as advise you on the procedures and conditions of the rental contract. There are a wide range of accommodation options in Barcelona.

They include university halls of residence in the city centre or apartments close to the university or school where you will be studying. Don’t know where to stay the first few days of your arrival? We can reserve a room in a hotel or youth hostel for you, giving you time to pick the right accommodation.

The steps to your
perfect accommodation

  • If you hire ISR services, you will receive a complete guide about Barcelona: neighbourhoods, prices, tips, different types of accomodation, rental agencies, special agencies for international students, etc



  • First, you need to decide where do you want to live: in a Residence Hall, a shared flay or an appartment by yourself?

  • Tell us if you prefer an appartment in the city centre, if you want to go walking  or biking to your shcool, use public transport, live in a quiet area, etc.

  • And finally, what is you budget? this will be a key point  for you to choose one option or another.

  • With all these questions answered, we will recommend  the best accommodation for you and assist you in the process! Contact us if you are interested in knowing more about Barcelona’s most popular areas so that you can get a general idea of which neighborhood you might like to live in.