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Welcome to Barcelona,
the city that has it all!

We love Barcelona and everything the city has to offer. We can recommend or guide you to the right leisure, sport, and cultural activities, giving you the opportunity to get to know Barcelona in your own unique way. Having some practical tips about everyday life and places in Barcelona is helpful when exploring your new home. We know the city inside out; Libraries, public transport, places to visit are just a few of the recommendations we can give you, try them and let us know. What do you think?

On top of practical tips when moving around the city, ISR Barcelona will accompany you on a variety of necessities such as choosing the best telephone company, cancelling services at your departure, or picking you up at the airport among others.

Remember that if you want to stay in Spain for more time than the one provided in your visa , you must renew your NIE/TIE. It is a complex and long process, and we can accompany you (only if the purpose of your stay is studying)

Additional services we offer

  • Local telecom providers; Spanish SIM-Card, Wi-Fi, and broadband.

  • Airport pick-up on arrival.

  • Reserve accommodations for your first week in Barcelona.

  • Cancellation service on all your contractual obligations at your departure.

  • NIE renewal (only for studying)

Safe time and energy with
ISR Barcelona

Choosing the right broadband company is important, customer service, reliability, and pricing vary between the options available. We can advise you on the best options and contracts and assist you in getting what you need as quickly as possible.

You might not have decided on accommodations yet, that is fine, contact us and we will reserve accommodation for your first week. Take that load of your back and use your first days in the city exploring and deciding on your new home.

We will help with canceling all your subscriptions and contracts made during your time in the city (bank accounts, health insurances, internet, and phone subscriptions, accommodation, club memberships, and others) and make your departure as smooth as possible.

TIE renewal is perhaps one of the most irritating aspects of living in Spain, the process is long and complex but non the less a necessity if you plan on staying in Barcelona to study. ISR Barcelona will do its absolute best to take this burden off you. We advise on the documents needed, check them to see if everything is ok, and help you get an appointment to finish the registration.

We inform you where to get the best option so that you can get around like a local from your very first day here. We are constantly informed of the best IP telephony solutions to meet each personal situation.

Contact us and we will make sure your stay in Barcelona is enjoyable from the first minute you touch down.