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Welcome to Barcelona! If you ask us you chose the right city to study in. We can imagine there are a lot of things on your mind and the to-do list seems endless. While you focus on your academic aspects, we at ISR Barcelona are here to take care of all aspects of moving to a new country. ISR Barcelona guides you through the complex administrative process of registering in Spain, searching through accommodation options, opening up a bank account, acquiring health insurance and assist in any way possible to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

There are numerous procedures students have to finish if they plan on staying in Spain for more than three months. Registration forms, scheduling meetings, and present appropriate documents are few of them. For non-Spanish speakers this process can be uncomfortable since it is conducted in Spanish, even forms might not be available in other languages.

Administrative processes are for example: Registering in the city council, applying for health insurance, applying for NIE / TIE, opening a bank account, and rental agreement on accommodation. We have the knowledge and experience to help students with these processes, while you focus on arranging your studies we’ll make sure you settle in quickly and safely.


How our 360 service works

  • Contact us through the website form and explain your situation.

  • If you hire our services (bank transfer) you will immediately receive from ISR a complete accommodation guide with useful information about Barcelona, it’s neighborhoods, different accommodation options, prices, and useful tips to choose your perfect place to live.

  • Then, we will start with the mandatory procedures and applications needed for your stay.

  • We will advise and collect all the information needed, help you fill out and deliver the necessary paperwork and assist you in the accommodation process. We can recommend the best option for you.


  • We will schedule meetings with appropriate parties to finish the registration.

  • Additional services are available if you need them.

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We make the guides, tips, and information ourselves and we adapt everything to the needs of international students. Our staff at ISR Barcelona is a good mixture of international alumni and locals, bringing the authenticity and relevancy of the information to a maximum. We know that each student has different needs, and we aim at making our service personalized to each who contracts us. Diverse neighborhoods, different living arrangements, and various hobbies and interests are a few of the driving forces for people when choosing their accommodations. Our accommodation guide gives you a unique insight into each district of Barcelona, helping you make the right choice for you.

ISR Barcelona offers other services tailored to students. We can provide information about public transport, best places to visit, where to do the groceries, join a sports team, get a library card and many more. Depending on the need, this could have an extra cost (renewing your ID card, canceling all the services when you go back to your country, etc.). Ask right away, we are more than happy to help out.

Our 360 full service
takes care of everything!

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