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Does your school or university take on an ever-growing number of international students each year?
Do the questions that spring up often get in the way of you doing your job?

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We reduce your admission teams workload

At ISR Barcelona we know that university admissions and student orientation departments dedicate a lot of time to answering international students’ questions regarding non-academic matters. That’s why at ISR Barcelona we work alongside these departments to offer international students help with all the non-academic aspects that concern them and which the university might not have the resources to deal with.

The first impression is crucial, being there for the students when they are settling in Barcelona can dictate how they perceive the city and their experience of the school and city. ISR Barcelona understands this and offers services to schools and universities to make sure that their students have a fantastic first impression of the school and the city of Barcelona.

The service is based on 3 key factors, but our experience tells us that each school or even each enrollment requires different attention or focus points. ISR Barcelona is, therefore, more than able to customize this service to each client. A kickoff meeting between ISR Barcelona and the university is where everything shapes up, we discuss needs and requirements and get the ball rolling.

How we can help you

  • Kickoff meeting between ISR Barcelona and your University where we discuss the needs and requirements for the enrollment class.

  • Induction day presentation. International alumni hold a presentation about all the mandatory procedures they must carry out and about tips and practical information about the city. Questions and discussions are encouraged.

  • Workshops: ISR Barcelona offers a team building workshop which focuses on multi-nationality groups. A fun active workshop to get the semester started and build relationships.

  • Presence at the school. ISR Barcelona staff member is available at a given hour to assist students with their inquiries.

  • Personalized assistance for students who decide to hire ISR Barcelona services.

The right solution for your students

At ISR Barcelona we have experienced speakers and communication experts who strive to bring out the best in your students. Well prepared lectures, presentations, and workshops are a promise. Each presentation, workshop or lecture is adjusted to your student class needs. Have a certain problem? Do you want to expand your induction day activities? Want to strengthen your students in communication and public speaking? We can help, contact us and we will find the right solution for you!