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Applying for health insurance in Spain is a simple process, especially with ISR Barcelona. The best option is to sort out your health insurance before moving to Barcelona. You can apply as soon as you receive the admission letter from your school/university. Having health insurance is mandatory to get your visa. It is easier if the insurance company is Spanish. ISR Barcelona has partnered with a health insurance company that has a tailored package for students. We recommend two of the following health insurance options

Travel Assistance Insurance: We recommended this option if you stay in Barcelona for less than a year. It has a wide variety of coverage, but it is limited to less complex cases. Administrative processes regarding medical or hospital visits are more restricted than the Health Insurance option.

Health Insurance: We recommended this option if you stay in Barcelona for more than a year. Full coverage of all aspects of health and medical, immediate assistance, and no limitations on visits or service. You only have to show the card!

Price: 150 €


Opening a bank account can be a costly task for citizens of some non-EU countries. ISR Barcelona has a collaboration agreement with one of the most prominent banks in Spain. This association allows international students to open a bank account hassle-free, without additional charges or restrictions. Depending on the country of origin, the procedure can be faster or more complex. This account is adapted to the needs of international students, with customer service in English, secure online banking in English and Spanish, and a mobile application.

This service includes:

  • Free maintenance
  • No start-up costs.
  • Free, secure online banking in English and Spanish
  • No fees on international transfers within the Euro-Zone or the UK in €
  • Customer service in English and Spanish
  • Free debit card and credit card
  • Return of 1% of your direct debited bills (up to 20€ per month)

Price: 150 €

Steps to get health insurance and open the bank account

  • Send us a message through our contact page or by clicking on the button below, specifying which service you are interested in obtaining.

  • In all cases, we will ask you to attach a copy of your passport and the school admission letter.

  • With this information, ISR will contact the insurance company and the Bank to begin the process. The Bank may need more information. In this case, ISR will act as an intermediary between you and the Bank. The same applies to the insurance company.

  • Once processed, the Bank and the health insurance company will contact you and send the agreements. These serve as vouchers to all government departments.

  • Once you are in Barcelona (if you hired while in your country), visit the Bank and the insurance company, collect your documents and sign the contracts.