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Applying for health insurance in Spain is an easy process, especially with ISR Barcelona. We do recommend that you sort out your health insurance before moving to Barcelona, you can apply as soon as you receive the admission letter from your school/university. In fact, having a health insuarce is mandatory to get your visa. It is easier if the insurance company is Spanish. ISR Barcelona has partnered with a health insurance company who has a tailored package for students. We recommend two of the following health insurance options

Travel Assistance Insurance: This option is recommended if your stay in Barcelona is less than a year. Even though it has a wide variety of coverage it is limited to less complex cases. Administrative processes regarding medical or hospital visits are more restricted than the Health Insurance option.

Health Insurance: This option is recommended if your stay in Barcelona is more than a year. Full coverage of all aspects of health and medical, immediate assistance and no limitations on visits or service. Only showing the card!

NOTICE – Changes in Visa Regulations

In 2017, in Catalonia, the regional Government changed the criteria in the acceptance of insurance needed to obtain a residence permit for studies. Travel Assistance Insurances with insured capital of less than € 100,000 will not be valid in the visa renewal. In order to avoid possible rejections due to the insurance, we advise you to apply for travel insurance of 100,000€ or more. This regulation change does not apply to health insurance.

 150 €


ISR Barcelona has a partnership agreement with Banc Sabadell, one of the major banks in Spain. This partnership allows international students to open a bank account without any hassle, extra fees or regulations. The best part, you can do this while still in your home country.

Banc Sabadell has adopted service options, especially for international students, with customer support in English, secure online banking in English and Spanish and a mobile app.

This service is called “Cuenta expansión” and it includes

  • Free maintenance
  • No start-up costs.
  • Free withdrawals from any Sabadell Group ATM as well as any Euro 6000/Bankia ATM (minimum of 60€)
  • Free, secure online banking in English and Spanish
  • No fees on international transfers within the Euro-Zone or the UK in €
  • Customer service in English and Spanish
  • Free debit card and credit card
  • Return of 1% of your direct debited bills (up to 20€ per month)

 150 €

Steps to get health insurance and open the bank account

  • Send us a message through our Contact Us page or by clicking on the button below.

  • Attach a copy of your passport and send it to ISR Barcelona.

  • Fill in the information requested by the bank and insurance company we will send you. We are here to answer any questions.

  • You will receive contracts and terms and condition, sign them and bring them along to Barcelona.

  • Visit the bank and insurance company, collect your documents and sign the contracts once you are in Barcelona.