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The famous NIE/TIE process is a necessity if you plan on staying in Barcelona for more than three months. This process is, as you might have heard, complex and time-consuming. This administrative process is two folded, first he Residence registration or Empadronamiento and then the NIE/TIE (ID card).



The NIE is the Foreign Resident Identification Number; the number the Spanish government provides you to prove that you have the right to reside in Spain. If you have entered the country with a student visa then your NIE will be directly linked to the reason and length of your stay in the country as well as to the school or university where you will be studying.

If your course lasts for under 180 days, you will NOT need to request a TIE (Foreign Resident Identification Card). You will be able to move freely around the country with your passport along with the entry visa you were granted in the consulate.

If your course lasts for more than 180 days, you WILL need to request a Foreign Resident Identification Card (TIE) at a police station. In order to obtain the TIE, you will need to have previously officially registered your address.


Note: NIE is for EU citizens and TIE is for non-EU residents.

Residence registration or Empadronamiento


Is a Spanish legal requirement to officially register your residence with the city council. This is essential in order to obtain your residence permit and to appear as a resident of Barcelona in the Spanish government’s records.

You will need to personally attend and register at one of the Civic Services Offices (Oficinas de Atención al Ciudadano – OACs). There is a different office for each neighborhood or district.

ISR Barcelona will send you the location and the opening hours of the Registration offices in Barcelon along with the necessary documents. You need an appointment to get tour residence certificate. ISR will get it for you and accompany you if you have problems with Spanish.

Note: You can register in any OAC wherever you live. 


Steps to acquire NIE/TIE

  • Schedule an appointment at one of Barcelona city police stations through the webpage of the relevant government department. ISR Barcelona can do this for you. It’s much easier if you inform ISR about the visa number you get in the Spanish Consulate in advance, even before arriving.

  • Prepare all the documents needed to submit an application at the Police station. ISR Barcelona can send you a complete list of documents needed.

  • Check and double check all the information is accurate and confirm the location of the Police station. ISR Barcelona can examine the documents and accompany you to the Police station if your case is complex.

  • Present your documents, get your fingerprint taken and get your NIE/TIE (ID card).

Let us take care of you!

Completing the application for the NIE/TIE and register your residency is not too great of a task to overcome on your own. You might want to spend your time enjoying your new city and exploring the riches of Barcelona instead. That is why ISR Barcelona is available to you should you wish to contract our services.