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ISR Barcelona terms & conditions, and privacy policy.

Privacy Policy

1. Incorporation of personal details into ISR BARCELONA’s data files

In accordance with Spanish Organic Law (Ley Orgánica) 15/1999, of the 13th December, regulating the Protection of Personal Data (Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal) (hereafter, “LOPD”), all users (hereafter, the “Users”) of the website accessible via the dominion name and its subdomains (hereafter, “the Website”) are informed that all personal details that the User provides via the Website, including data obtained by cookies and those provided by the User to obtain the contracted services, will be incorporated and processed in the data files owned by SERVICIOS EXTRAACADÉMICOS, S.L. (hereafter, “ISR BARCELONA”) with the following ends: to enable the provision of services requested by the User, to manage and maintain the Website, to respond to requests and queries, and to inform Users, including via electronic means, of the services and/or products of ISR BARCELONA.

If they do not wish to receive this type of communications, the User must express this wish by ticking the relevant box or by sending an email to [email protected]

Providing all requested details via the Website is necessary in order to achieve an optimal provision of the services offered to the User. If all the details are not provided, ISR BARCELONA will not be able to guarantee that the information and services requested can be provided, be provided correctly, or that they be adapted to the needs of the User.

2. Data release

The User expressly authorizes ISR BARCELONA, in the event that the User contracts one of the Services available on the Website, to release their personal details to third parties such as banks and financial organizations, insurance companies, telephone companies, government bodies, language academies, estate agencies and/or private landlords, hotels and accommodation companies and transport companies, in order to properly provide the contracted services, subcontract said services and carry out the requested administrative procedures.

3. Exercise of rights

The User can exercise their rights regarding access, amendments, cancellation and opposition forseen in the LOPD, via written letter sent to SERVICIOS EXTRAADÉMICOS, S.L., Calle Angel Guimerà 16C 08960 Sant Just Desvern – Barcelona, Spain; or via email to [email protected] In both cases, the User must attach a national identity card, passport or other valid identity document.

Terms and Conditions for
ISR Barcelona

1.- General information about the website

1.1. In compliance with article 10 of Spanish Law 34/2002 of the 11th July, regulating electronic commerce and the information society (LSSICE), the owner of the website provides the following information:

  • Titular: Servicios Extraacadémicos, S.L. (hereafter, “ISR BARCELONA”)
  • N.I.F (Spanish Financial Identification Number): B- 66.697.608
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • Telephone number: (+34)640165456
  • Registry Information: Barcelona Business Register, volume 45214, page 149, general section , sheet 480593, entry 1.

1.2. Through the website, accessible through the domain (hereafter, “the Website”) and including all subdomains, ISR offers services to international students planning to study in Barcelona. These services include searching for and booking accommodation, carrying out administrative formalities (obtaining a foreign resident identification number, officially registering address, etc.) and other necessary procedures (airport transfers, opening a bank account, taking out medical insurance, acquiring a telephone number, etc.) (hereafter, “the Services”)

ISR BARCELONA also offers advice services to academic organizations who take on international students.

ISR BARCELONA does not offer any legal services, advice regarding student scholarships or funding, information on each university or school’s particular admissions process, or private security services, etc.

1.3.- People who visit, browse and contract Services through our Website will be considered users of the website (hereafter, “the Users”).

1.4.- These Terms and Conditions regarding Use and Contracting of Services (hereafter, “Terms and Conditions”) concern the access and use of the Website as well as the contracting of the Services available on said website.

2. Accepting the Terms and Conditions

2.1.- By accessing and browsing the Website, the User agrees to accept all the points included in these Terms and Conditions as well as ISR BARCELONA’s Privacy and Cookies Policy. As such, the User must expressly accept these Terms and Conditions when contracting any of our Services available on the Website.

2.2.- In the event of not agreeing to the Terms and Conditions or the Privacy and Cookies Policy, the User must refrain from browsing the Website.

2.3.- By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the User affirms:

  • That they have read and fully understood what is stated herein.
  • That, if they decide to contract the Services from the Website, they have the capacity to do so.
  • That they are of legal age.
  • That they assume all the obligations stated herein.

2.4.- The Website and Services are exclusively aimed at persons of legal age.

3. Access to the Website and registration

3.1.- Accessing the Website is free excluding the relevant cost of the telecommunications connection provided by the service provider contracted by the User.

3.2.- ISR Barcelona reserves the right to stop, limit or restrict access to the Website when technical difficulties arise due to circumstances outside ISR BARCELONA’s control and which, in their view, reduce the established levels of security.

3.3.- In general, registration is not required in order to access and browse the Website’s contents. However, the use of certain services and access to certain content may be subject to prior registration. In such cases, the information provided by the User must be accurate and true. The User will at all times be held responsible for the information provided to ISR BARCELONA.

3.4.- The registered User will be held responsible at all times for the personal details they provide via the Website. As such, the details provided will be deemed to have been introduced by the User, to whom in any event the details relate.

3.5.- Allowing the User access to the Website does not involve any obligation on the part of ISR Barcelona to ensure the absence of viruses, worms or any other type of harmful computer element. It is the User’s responsibility to use appropriate tools to detect and disinfect harmful computer programs.

3.6.- ISR BARCELONA will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the User’s software and computer equipment when accessing the Website.

4. Rules for using the Website

4.1.- The User is obliged to use the Website and all its content and services in a manner that respects the law, morality and public order. Likewise, the User is obliged not to use the content and services in order to carry out illicit or illegal activities, those which infringe on the rights of third parties and/or which infringe on legislation regarding intellectual and industrial property or those which infringe on any other relevant legislation.

4.2.- The User must not transmit, upload, share or make available to third parties any type of material or information (data, content, messages, drawings, sound or image files, photographs, software, etc.) which go against the law, morality, public order or the current terms and conditions. The User’s obligations include, but are not limited to:

4.2.1.- Not to upload or share any content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic or pornographic nature or that which glorifies terrorism or infringes on the human rights of others.

4.2.2.- Not to upload or share via the internet any data programs (viruses and malware) likely to cause damage to the Website’s computer systems, those of their service providers or of other third parties on the internet.

4.2.3.- Not to share or make available to third parties any type of information, element or content which infringe on the fundamental rights and freedoms recognized by the Spanish Constitution and international treaties.

4.2.4.- Not to share or make available to third parties any type of information, element or content which represents illegal or misleading advertising.

4.2.5.- Not to spread unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, “junk mail”, “chain letters”, “pyramid schemes”, or any other form of solicitation apart from in the areas (such as commercial spaces) that have been exclusively designated for such activities.

4.2.6.- Not to upload or share any information or content that is false or ambiguous or that is inexact and misleads.

4.2.7.- Not to impersonate other Users by using their access codes for the Website’s various services and/or contents.

4.2.8.- Not to upload, share or make available to third parties any type of information, element or content which involves a violation of the intellectual and industrial property rights, patents, brands or copyright relating to the Website’s owners or third parties.

4.2.9.- Not to upload, share or make available to third parties any type of information, element or content which involves a violation of privacy laws and legislation relating to personal data protection.

4.3.- The User revokes all compensation claims (and any associated fines or legal penalties) against ISR BARCELONA evolving from a failure on the part of the User to respect the rules stated above. Indeed, ISR BARCELONA reserves the right to claim compensation for any damages incurred.

4.4.- ISR BARCELONA will not be held responsible for any comments, opinions, ideas or expressions which Users may publish on the forum or similar sections available on the Website. These messages relate only to the opinions of the Users who have created them and in no circumstances represent the views or opinions of ISR BARCELONA.

4.5.- In the event of discovering a violation of the usage rules stated here, the User may contact ISR BARCELONA by sending an email to [email protected] Notwithstanding, ISR BARCELONA is under no obligation to remove the corresponding message.

5. Contents and services linked to by the Website

5.1.- The Website may contain links, directories or search tools which allow the User to access other pages and portals on the internet (hereafter, “Linked Sites”).

5.2.- ISR BARCELONA will only be held responsible for the content and services provided by the Linked Sites if they had clear prior knowledge of their illegal nature and did not subsequently deactivate the relevant links with due diligence.

5.3.- In the event that the User considers that a Linked Site contains illegal or inappropriate content, they can inform ISR BARCELONA. Notwithstanding, ISR BARCELONA is under no obligation to remove the corresponding link.

5.4.- The presence of Linked Sites on the Website in no event represents an established agreement between ISR BARCELONA and the owners or those responsible for the former. Further, it represents no recommendation or promotion of the services provided by the Linked Sites on the part of ISR BARCELONA.

5.5.- Unless otherwise expressly stated, ISR BARCELONA is unaware of the content and services provided by the Linked Sites and as such will not be held responsible for any damage caused to the User or any third party resulting from illegality, poor quality, out of date content, lack of availability, errors, or lack of usefulness.

5.6.- In the event that the User accesses the Linked Sites, they must read and accept the relevant terms and conditions as well as their Privacy and Cookies Policy.

6. Data protection

The personal data provided by the User via the Website will be treated according to the Website’s Privacy and Cookies Policy (See above).

7. Intellectual and Industrial Property

7.1.- All the Website’s contents, including but not limited to: the texts, photographs, graphics, images, icons, technology, software, links and other audiovisual or audio content, as well as the graphic design and font, are the intellectual property of ISR BARCELONA or of third parties, and in no event will it be understood that the exploitation rights recognized by current intellectual property legislation are conceded to the User.

7.2.- The brands, commercial names and distinctive signs published on the Website are property of ISR BARCELONA or of third parties. In no event will it be understood that the User has any rights over these.

8. Contracting conditions and procedure

8.1.- The languages in which the User may contract the Services available on the Website are Spanish and English.

8.2.- The procedure for contracting the Services via the Website is the following:

  • 1st.- Once the user agrees to contract the service by email, he will receive a notification from ISR detailing all the services contracted and the final prize.
  • The User can pay by Bank Transfer, in which case the procedure of contracting the services will not be completed until the payment has been confirmed. The bank account number to make the payment  will be announced to the User in the due moment. The name of the contracted service and the User’s name and surname need to be clearly shown on the payment reference.
  • The User will promptly receive an email confirming that the Services have been contracted along with the payment details. If the User does not receive this confirmation, they can contact ISR BARCELONA either by email at [email protected]

The price of the Service include the applicable IVA (Spanish value added tax). They do not include other costs related to the Services such as taxes, rates, commissions, tariffs, fees, charges, etc. which may arise from the administrative procedures relating to contracting products or services with third parties which ISR BARCELONA undertakes on behalf of the User.

9. Authorization

9.1.- Upon completing the contract for Services provided, the User authorizes ISR BARCELONA to represent them and undertake all required steps and administrative procedures on their behalf in order to successfully fulfil the contracted Services. The third parties which ISR BARCELONA have dealings with on behalf of the User include, but are in no way limited to, banks and financial organizations, insurance companies, telephone companies, government bodies, language academies, estate agencies and/or private landlords, hotels and accommodation companies, and transport companies (hereafter, “Third parties”).

9.2.- For certain services it may be necessary to grant ISR BARCELONA power of attorney. If this is the case, any costs associated with issuing the power of attorney and any arising from required translations will be met by the User.

10. Error identification and correction when introducing personal details

10.1.- When the User forgets to fill out any details marked as required, they will not be able to advance in the contracting or validation process until they have completed them.

10.2.- As set out in the description of the procedure of contracting a service contained in these Terms and Conditions, the User may revise and modify the personal details before the procedure is finalized.

11. Receipts

The User is aware and accepts that ISR BARCELONA will only send receipts to the email address provided during the registration process if requested. However, the User may request at any time that the receipts are sent in paper format by sending an email to [email protected]

12. Right to cancel

12.1.- The User has the right to cancel the contract with ISR BARCELONA taken out via the Website within a period of 14 calendar days, without giving any reason, from the day the contract was signed.

12.2.- ISR BARCELONA informs the User that by fully accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User orders ISR BARCELONA to start providing the Services from the moment stated in the Service contract, and as such renounces their right to cancel. Otherwise, the User must notify ISR BARCELONA of their wish that the provision of Services start after 14 calendar days have passed from the signing of this present contract.

12.3.- In order to exercise the right to cancel, the User must notify ISR BARCELONA of their decision to cancel the contract though a clear, unambiguous statement (for example by sending a message via post, fax or email).

12.4.- In order to meet the timeframe for cancelling the contract, it is sufficient that the relevant communication by part of the User detailing their exercising of this right is sent before the corresponding time period expires.

12.5.- In case of cancellation, ISR BARCELONA will return all received payments to the User without undue delay and at the latest by 14 calendar days from the date in which the User informed ISR BARCELONA of their decision to cancel the contract. ISR BARCELONA will not be held responsible for the return of any amount already paid to Third Parties or for any costs incurred by ISR BARCELONA in relation to the Services.

12.6.- ISR BARCELONA will proceed to carry out said refund using the same method of payment as used by the User in the initial transaction, unless expressly informed of the User’s wish to the contrary. In any event, the User will not incur any costs relating to the refund.

13. Duration and termination

13.1.- ISR BARCELONA will provide their services for a set period, from the date the User contracted the Services until thirty (30) days after their arrival in Spain. Some Services may have a different duration, and this will be clearly stated in said service’s description.

13.2.- ISR BARCELONA or the User may terminate the provision of Services at any time via written notification to the other party.

13.3.- The termination of the Services does not exempt the User from the obligations and responsibilities that may correspond to them in relation to these Terms and Conditions, to Third Parties or to public bodies, nor will it lead to any refund of the amounts previously paid, without prejudice to the right to cancel that may correspond to the User.

14. Complaints, claims, and requests

14.1.- Users can direct any complaints, claims or requests directed at ISR BARCELONA using any of the following means:

14.1.1.- Sending an email to [email protected]

14.1.2.- Calling by telephone on (+34) 640165456

14.2.- ISR BARCELONA will reply to the complaints or information requests in the shortest time possible and in any event within one month of receiving the request.

14.4.- ISR BARCELONA will provide the User with an identification code and a receipt so they have a record of their complaints and claims.

14.5.- ISR BARCELONA has official complaint/claim forms at Users disposal available upon request.

15. Liability disclaimer

15.1.- The User recognizes and accepts that ISR BARCELONA will not be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from the relation between Users and Third Parties. As a result, the User exempts ISR BARCELONA from all responsibility relating to any damages of any nature arising from the contractual and extra-contractual relationships that the User may have established with said parties outside external to ISR BARCELONA.

15.2.- ISR BARCELONA will not be held responsible for any failure to comply or delay in the implementation or fulfilment of the Services when this arises as a result of the actions or omissions attributable to any public entity, authority or body (national, autonomous regional or local), any Third Party, or the User themselves.

16. Null and Void Clauses

If any clause included in these Terms and Conditions were to be declared fully or partially null and void, this will only affect said provision or the specific part declared null and void. The Terms and Conditions will remain effective in all other aspects, with the relevant part to be considered as either partially or fully excluded.

17. Applicable Legislation

These Terms and Conditions will be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Spain.

18. Competent Jurisdiction and extrajudicial resolution of disputes

18.1.- In the event of litigation between ISR BARCELONA and Users, the latter may file their claim with the Spanish courts corresponding to the registered address of ISR BARCELONA, or with the courts corresponding to the User’s registered address.

18.2.- ISR BARCELONA informs Users that, in the case of a dispute, Users may alternatively turn to the online dispute resolution platform created by the European Commission under Regulation (EU) No 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 May 2013 on online dispute resolution for consumer disputes. The platform is available here.

Version in force from 20th March 2016

Refund Policy

ISR Barcelona strives to support it’s clients to satisfaction and prevent any discomfort or issues in our advisory role to our clients.

In the case of a students Visa rejection, ISR Barcelona offers a full refund for our service. Note that the refund only applies to the service ISR Barcelona offers, not agreements and/or payments made with other parties such as accommodation agencies, banks, leisure and/or health and insurance.

Our refund policy is limited to the hours our staff and resources spend on solving queries for a given client.
90% refund is provided if hours spent is less than 2 hours.
80% refund is provided if hours spent is less than 5 hours.
50% refund is provided if hours spent is more than 5 hours.